Our Story

The inception of Human Kindness came in 2017 when I was in Berlin with some friends. We came across a hand written note which had a lovely message on it and had been stuck on a lampost down one of the side streets: I don't even remember what it said but I do remember the feeling it gave me and the effect it had on my day! If something as simple as an encouraging message on a lampost could brighten my day, then what could I do to pass that feeling on and brighten someone elses?

A couple of years went by but this thought just would not leave my mind, so I finally decided to sit down and write out all the things I'd want to say to a friend if they came to me feeling down about something. Not all of my ideas made the cut (and looking back I'm very, VERY glad some of them didn't make it to print haha) but when I'd finished I had 10 really powerful and moving messages that stirred up all those feelings I felt when I was back in Berlin.

I began taking these stickers and leaving them in the cities I travelled to whilst working as a musician, and was overwhelmed when I saw people start to post and tag me in photos they'd taken of our messages, telling me of the difference it made to their day! The same feeling I experienced in Berlin had now been given to other people, and that feeling of helping someone when they're going through hardship is addictive...

Fast forward a few months, I started to design the Human Kindness clothing brand that you see today. I wanted to create something more portable and personal, something people could take and show their friends, or walk down the street in, proud to be representing a message of kindness, and hopefully encountering other people who they connected with because of that commonality.

And that's my mission with this brand: I want to spread as much kindness to as many people as possible, and encourage others to do the same and share their positivity with others that they meet. I dream of walking down the street and seeing a bunch of people in our clothing, all proud to stand for the same thing: HUMAN KINDNESS. And with your help I really think we can make that happen.